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SWT (Southwest Technologies, Inc.) is the manufacturer of the Elasto-Gel™ technology.  Our company was created in 1981 with the purpose and vision of “Treating The World Well” through the utilization of our unique technology.  Our corporate philosophy is embedded in that statement.  It is our mission to manufacture, market and distribute products consistent with high quality standards and truly offer people comfort and healing. Our products will be designed and manufactured to reliably perform their intended functions as labeled.  All products will be produced and marketed within the established company guidelines.

SWT has applied the scientific principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry to the science of wound healing, rehabilitation concerns and pain management.  Through extensive cooperative efforts and feedback from the practicing professionals to the consumer, a family of products has been developed in wound care, scar management, hot/cold therapy and various cushioning devices.  We also specialize in OEM manufacturing-private label to provide innovative shapes and designs for niche markets with many marketing partners.  We welcome the opportunity to explore ideas and product development with you.

SWT operates under the guidelines of FDA, CGMP and ISO standards EN13485.  All of our products are CE, allowing us to market our products worldwide.  All manufacturing is done in the USA. We have a class 100,000 clean-room on location to manufacture our sterile products.

Dr Edward Stout,PHD

Dr Edward Stout, PhD
, is the founder of SWT and the inventor of the incredible Elasto-Gel™ technology.  He has been nominated for the Who’s Who for the last twenty years; both domestically and internationally.  He also won the prestigious International Man of the year award in 2001 for his developments in wound care products.  Dr Stout holds numerous patents and continually brings innovative technologies to the medical community and has published many clinical papers.  Dr Stout has been guest speaker at many state, national and international professional healthcare symposiums.

In 1983 Dr Stout developed and marketed the first microwavable/dual Hot/Cold pack and in 1987, he received FDA permission to expand the Elasto-Gel™ technology for applications in wound management, scar management and padding materials.  He continues to develop innovative product lines with patient’s well being in mind.

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