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Southwest Technologies Testimonials

Hot/Cold Therapy


May 2015

Thank you so much for the Hot/Cold packs for wrists! May 3rd was my one year mark for all of my broken bones! This last year has been a wild ride. With all of the positive thoughts, prayers and kind things people have done for me.


March 2015

I am a seventh grade student and I am writing to tell you how much I admire your Elasto-Gel Therapy Wrap Lg/Xlg Knee Wrap w/Patella Hole. Your knee wraps never fall off so I can enjoy the full healing experience. Another thing that adds to this experience is that the wrap can stay cold for a whole 45 minutes. Lastly, just to add to all of its greatness, your product smells good. The coldness and fresh scent is extraordinarily wonderful and not like any other product of its kind.

I can practically use your product before and after any type of sporting events such as my basketball games and my track meets. I always use your products before and after my practices as well. Some days when I had a really long practice involving lots of horses and running drills and my knees are struggling and then just to add to that I have an ridiculous amount of homework, I don't have time for icing. Then I can just ice myself while I am sleeping. Recently my dad bought the wrong size knee wrap. Also ice-cream leaked onto the knee wrap which takes away from its formerly great smell. Now it just smells like mint-chocolate chip.

Anyways thanks for treating the world well.

Sincerely, Trey

April 2014

I have frequently suffered from migraine headaches for several years. For relief of the headaches I had to use ice bags to relieve the tension in my neck and temples to get relief.  The Elastogel-Gel neck product is wonderful.  The soft modable cloth contours to the bend of the neck and head.  What I appreciate the most from this product is the soft, gel surface is very comfortable to lay on.  Depending on the location of my headaches I am able to position the product and secure it with the attached Velcro to keep the cool comfortable pad in place.
Thank you so much for the product, it has been used by all members of my family.

Alice Lasswell RN, MSN, CWON

March 2014

Below is a testimonial I’ve written for you.   Let me know if I can do anything else!

I’ve played baseball all my life and I’ve developed shoulder pain throughout the years.  I’ve had problems with my rotator cuff and AC joints most recently and have always dealt with a lot of pain.  As my baseball career ended, I began to play competitive softball.  Besides the need for constant competition the only other constant has been my shoulder pain.  After playing a few games, my shoulder is throbbing.  I ran into Angie at Elastogel at a Symposium a few years back.  I noticed the shoulder wrap on display and immediately began asking questions.  She easily convinced me to try the Shoulder Wrap; I am so glad I did!  The wrap has allowed me to alleviate the pain quickly and it provides a level of therapy that a bag of ice on your shoulder can’t.  The design of the wrap and the gel really allow the wrap to conform to my body and it’s brought a new meaning to the term “icing”.  Not only is it great for cold therapy, it’s also great to throw in the microwave and put it on a sore muscle to help loosen it up.  As one gets older, they begin to appreciate things like this.  Bottom line, the Shoulder Wrap has allowed me to play sports without worrying so much about the effects afterwards and I’m so glad I gave it a shot.


Dallas Hannigan

October 2012

I have used the Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar for a recent neck injury.  I want to let you and ST Inc. know that this wrap  is convenient, therapeutic and effective.  Additionally, the fact that it can be used without the need for electricity is a great mobility benefit.

A stellar product and I can assure you it will be used with regularity during my healing process.  This is a must for those with pain and immobility.


Shelly Padovan RN CNN  WCC

April 2012

Hi Angie,

I have used the shoulder therapy a few times now and I must say, I’m a believer.  Thanks again.

Dallas Hannigan

Wound Dressings

May 2015

Gold Dust: Worth it’s Weight!! After the second time now of utilizing Gold Dust wound filler (along with the Stimulen powder) for an impossible patient situation, I am now a believer. And I haven’t even made it out of the WOCN certification program yet! WOW!! My first experience was a large open abdominal incision surrounding a colostomy stoma. The drainage was such a large amount that she could not be discharged from the hospital due to it. A little gold dust, and a few days, later she was out the door. Two months later, healed and ready to pouch! I was impressed. In comes my second disaster…ileostomy three weeks post-op with poor pouching management. Stoma has now retracted approximately three cm below abdomen with open wound surrounding. Red, angry irritant dermatitis with open draining wounds surrounding entire stoma circumferentially and extending to perineal area. Multiple attempts to pouch with multiple pouching systems to no avail. How did I finally get a pouching system to work? Build a dam of barrier and fill with gold dust… (Among a few other tricks). Stayed for three days! Woot! Woot! I am a fan of this stuff!!!

Patty, BSN, RN

April 2015

Words can't express how thankful I am for the wound dressings "Elasto-Gel" kit you sent for me & the Mission Clinic. My large skin tear wound on my left shin was 6" x 4" inches on 4-5 & it was so annoying to see it get smaller every day, it now measures 1 1/2" x 1". I've been sharing the news with the doctors in my area and hope for their patients sake that they start using Elasto-Gel for all wounds.

Thank you & Diana Gallagher, RN.

Sincerely, Virgina RN

February 2015

Just want to say kudos to Southwest Technologies for their outstanding wound care products. Recently I have been the home health case manager of a debilitated 83-year-old gentleman client with a stage 4 pressure ulcer to his sacrum. He had a fall and an ORIF, then was transferred to a facility that allowed this wound to occur over a five week timeframe. At the start of care, I found the pressure ulcer with only a gauze dressing taped over a large cavity that was whitish in color, very dry and a culture and sensitivity that showed MRSA. We had just had an in-service at the home health office from Vicki RN showing us how to use the Stimulin, GoldDust and Elastogel and explaining the effectiveness of these products with heavy bio loads. With MD approval, I used all three of these products with every other day dressing changes. At eight weeks of treatment, we have 75% reduction in wound size, minimal drainage, no pain, and a wound that continues to heal nicely . For me there's always a little anxiety when trying new products, but I can honestly say don't hesitate to try Southwest technology products, they are cost-efficient and wound effective. Your agency, the client and the MD will all thank you.

Thank you Vicki and Southwest Technology for your excellent products.

Sincerely, Mary RN

January 2015

Thank you for “Gold Dust”. I am using it on 4 pyoderma gangenosum wounds around my ostomy. All are healing beautifully. With Stimulen and Gold Dust there is no pain when cleaning and more tissue grows with every change. Thanks to your miracle dressings, I will be able to leave on a cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, SWT is a life saver to me and my wife. Again a BIG THANK YOU!

Walt Dowd, Bella Vista, Arkansas


January 2015

I had a Stage 4 wound on my coccyx for nearly 3 years.  In June, I was admitted to the hospital and that is when the Emergency Department discovered the wound.  I was admitted and the wound was debrided the next day.  The wound was a big hole that extended down to the bone.  I was sent home on some high powered antibiotics and began seeing a wound care doctor.  I had been seen repeatedly and tried on different products.  Nothing worked. I developed reactions and had to have more antibiotics.  I developed a track and was on a wound VAC until I developed an allergy to the glue that held it on.  Other treatments were tried and nothing worked.  The wound VAC did not collapse the tunnel and the wound care doctor was stumped.

He had my wife clean the wound everyday and the home health nurse came once a week.  We did this for a year and still no healing.  Surgery was suggested to remove my tailbone and have a flap placed over the clean wound.  We decided this was a real but a last option.

In October, I did some research on the internet and found information on ElastoGel.  I called the company and talked to a wound care consultant, D. Gallagher, who was there that day.  She listened to my story and gave me suggestions on treatment options.  I saw my wound doctor and he said we might as well try what she suggested since nothing else had worked.  I received samples of Stimulen Gel, Gold Dust powder, and ElastoGel.  My wife and the home health nurse did the first treatment early in November.  By Thanksgiving, the tunnel was collapsed and the wound was shrinking!!  On December 15, 2014, my wound care doctor declared the wound closed and stopped the home health visits after two and a half years.  My wound is finally closed and my wife is not longer having to treat it.  She is really happy.

Again, thanks for these amazing products.  I have been recommending them to others.

Gene Walby, a grateful patient in Florida


July 2014

For over 20 years, I have used SWT products on patients with wonderful success. Regardless of the type of wound, patients have always told me how comfortable the dressings were. As a clinician, I have always been pleased with the improved rate of healing, lack of complications, and minimal scarring.

Last week I had the unfortunate opportunity to use the dressings on myself. While moving a pan of boiling water to the sink, hot water splashed against my blouse. The water immediately saturated the fabric and created a palm-sized burn on my abdomen. I stopped what I was doing and cooled the area with cold water but the burn was already beginning to blister. The area was very uncomfortable until I remembered my experiences with ElastoGel. I got out my first aid kit and applied a 4x4 piece of ElastoGel with a soft fabric tape. THE PAIN WAS IMMEDIATELY GONE. I had several pieces in my kit. I changed the dressing the next morning and the blisters that had been raised were resolving. Over the next few days the burn continued to improve.

Thank you for developing these amazing dressings. Everyone should have them on hand for emergencies. They truly do “Treat the World Well”

Thank you for all that you have done for patients AND for my burn last week.

D. Gallagher, RN, CWOCN


January 2013

Dear Mr. Stout

I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful product you developed. I used the Elastogel and the Stimulin lotion the week before Christmas on a grease burn. I was cooking bacon in shorts and tipped the pan of hot grease down my right leg.  I called my mother for her advice and she said to put the Elastogel right on it. As soon as I did I experienced relief. Over the next few days the burn seemed as if it was getting worse but I kept Elasogel on it day and night. It was gentle and easy to remove with no pain when it was time to change the dressing, and I had little to no pain or irritation while the Elastogel was on it. In 2 weeks the burn area was almost obsolete, and in 6 weeks there is no scaring or any hint that there was a burn on my leg at all. As a single mother I cannot afford to be down and out with an injury, thanks to your product I was able to continue working and get back to dance parties with my girls in no time at all. Living minutes away from the beautiful Lake George NY I will not have to hide my leg because of an ugly scar this summer. I cannot convey how thankful I am that this burn hardly impacted my life because of your product. Thank you very much for all that you do, it truly does make a difference. Thank you for your time.


 Tashina Sabine 

March 2014

The man with the great toe had to be dc due to non compliance but i have used it on a lady who had mrsa infection and was told /scheduled from an amputation.  Her finger is totally healed and no amputation!  She has even regained some use of it and is getting feeling back in the tip.  Also using on a gentleman with skin ca to rt thumb wound was bleeding profusly with every drsg chane prior to using elastogel now it no longer bleeds with elastogel odor is resolved and it appears to be shrinking the raspberry like growth. He is scheduled from growth removal this week.

When the Dr. saw the results he took a pamplet about Elastogel.  It is a geat product I hope to use more in the future.

Myra L. Congioloso RN


June 2015

I'm 46 and I've used fillers and Botox in the past- but I didn't like the look.. LOVE this product and the super fast results!! My husband even noticed!

My sister is a pharma rep and lives in Olathe. She sent me a sample of Stimulen derma ~ derma conditioner and one of your business cards. WOW. I love it!!!!! I'm amazed at the difference in my skin.. And so quickly.. Please, please tell me how I order some!!

Thank you!!! Mary

May 2012

May 2012

Thank you so much for your visit!  We learned so much from your personal demonstration of your products.  I have to tell you that I used a small bit of the bottle that you left with me on a nasty cut and it healed literally overnight!  I am sold on this product!

Thank you so much for you support.  We will be in touch!

Fran Dyckman, RN, MSN, APRN, CNS, CWOCN

Comfort Aid - Breast Pads

January 2011

I agree with all below. When I was nursing, wet tea bags were recommended. My second child needed a frenectomy but my pediatrician said didn't. I even called a peds speech therapist and they said it wouldnt be a problemThen she ended up having to have one at 4 years for speech issues. The ENT said it would have been a snap as infant but was a day surgery with anesthesia at 4 years!  Live and learn!

Sheila Griffin CWON

Acute Care


Have they addressed the tongue-tie on the infant with a frenectomy? Only takes seconds, can be done by any dentist, and it will change the latch on immensely. My first had tongue-tie and her latch on was totally different than my son and second daughter. (I still managed to nurse my baby with tongue-tie for a year!). I totally agree with referral to a lactation specialist.

First, stop the Neosporin. Baby doesn't need residual on the nipple. I agree with a gel pad, but I might go with something more like Elastogel. This would let her keep the area moist, but it can actually absorb some of the milk as leakage is always an issue. It also removes the issue of bra rubbing. Another nice thing about the Elastogel is that she can place the packages in the refrigerator and get them cool, then place them on the sore nipples. It really helps reduce pain. She needs to avoid soap to the nipple area completely, only bathe them with cool water (warmth actually increases the inflammation in the area). I would strongly encourage continuing to pump, and a lactation consultant should be able to answer whether the baby should continue to be given the milk (my answer would be yes, as I nursed my baby throughout and never gave her formula).

Virginia Titterington BSN RN CWOCN

Acute Care (and mom who nursed all 3 kids for one year each)

January 2011

I used Lansinoh cream when nursing for sore blistered nipples.  It worked wonderfully and does not need to be wiped off before feeding.  It has lanolin in it so if she has a problem with lanolin don't use.  You can buy it in any drug store.  Also make sure she is using an absorbent breast pad if you do not use Elastogel.  The breast pads wick the leaking milk away from the breast to prevent maceration.


Kathy Khandaker MSN, RN, CWOCN


August 2017

I just spoke with Helen regarding your product Stimulen. My dermatologist just placed me on this woundcare product. Helen was very helpful in answering questions and offering to send me a small sampling of both the powder and the lotion as I have been unable to find it at local pharmacies.

Helen represents the company extremely positively and is a credit to your organization.

Sincerely, Jeff Cleveland

July 2017

Dear Ms. Stout,

I would just like to let you know your customer service rep Cindy Belt is beyond excellent. Being a customer service manager myself for over 30 years it is no nice to deal with a person that cares and is so well rounded in what she does. I also love the fact that someone always answers the phone. It is such a pleasure to deal with Cindy! I hope you will extend my sincere thanks to her and let corporate management know what a wonderful job she does!!! It is very nice to interact with someone on a personal basis. You are truly blessed to have her. I hope she will be recognized and rewarded for being so accommodating. If I was not retired, I would steal her from you!

My Sincerest thanks to all..

Yours Truely, Donna Sommer

September 2015

Good Morning Angie, The SER Conference went very well. When I arrived, I was immediately asked to see Bernie. When I moved down the registration counter to where Bernie was sitting, Patti moved also. She introduced me to Bernie. He then changed his expression to a very big smile and so did Patti. Bernie was so impressed with the work Helen, Keith and rest of team had done to print the program booklets. This was Bernie's first time doing this and he was very uneasy about taking this on. He stated, Helen, Keith and the SWT team made it so easy that he felt bad having felt so unsure of how it was going to turn out. He could not say enough good things about working with SWT. It was an awesome experience for him he stated. Everyone loved the second page of each speaker section with the blank area on the upper 1/2 of the page and note lines on the lower half. Patti chimed in and said it was great doodle space. Many other board members also commented over the day on what a great job we did and how they liked the blank space to note things in that area.

Bottom line, the entire committee was very pleased with our printing of the booklets. Everyone still likes the regular paper and not glossy paper. The booklets were a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this happen again this year. I think we have the job for life! Vicki


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