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    Breast Nipple Care - Comfort-Aid™ 


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BP3500 3" (7.5cm) Circle Gel Pad

Comfort-Aid-Breast-Pads SM

Packaging:  1 pair per package, 25 pairs per box, 4 boxes per case, 100 pairs per case


General Description

Comfort-Aid™ Breast Pads are a high glycerine contect gel padding designed to help reduce nipple discomfort, improve nipple skin condition and for the management of breast and nipple injury. Glycerine is a natural humectant that maintains moisture level to the skin.  In addition, Comfort-Aid provides and maintains a moist, clean environment, is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Directions For Use


1.   Remove the Comfort-Aid® breast pads from the package.

2.   If you wish to cut the pad to a different shape, leave the clear plastic cover in place while cutting with scissors.

3.   To apply, remove the clear plastic and place the Comfort-Aid ® gel pad directly over the nipple area. No extra tape is necessary as the pad will be slightly tacky on intact skin. Your bra will hold the pad in place. The white backing is to remain on the back-side of the pad.

4.   The pad may be left in place between feedings to help insure skin and nipple integrity. If nipple damage has occurred, Comfort-Aid® will help alleviate the discomfort and contributes to a natural healing environment. However, we suggest you consult your physician and/or your Lactation Consultant.

Comfort-Aid-Breast-Pads MED