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Southwest Technologies Wound Care Solutions


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Southwest Technologies, Inc. (N. Kansas City – USA) products will help create significant cost reduction to Patient Wound Care and Wellness programs.  Our Solutions for Wound Care Management, Infection Control, Scar Management, Hot-Cold Therapy and Seating and Positioning are effective in many areas and applications that concern your organization.

By revising your protocol to utilize Elasto-Gel™, Gold Dust™, Stimulen™ technologies, the savings in product use and staff-time will be significant.  Not only are the cost savings significant, the projected time it takes for a wound to heal is reduced. Our products will also positively impact participants under the Medicare Perspective Payment System (PPS, a method of reimbursement for covered Medicare patients) and Pay for Performance (P4P, a method of monitoring performance and outcomes of providers and facilities).

Southwest Technologies 25-years of proven effectiveness make us the ideal method of treatment for most wounds, preventative care and immediate reduction in F-Tags. Users have seen positive impacts on daily practices and treatments, i.e. patient comfort, pain relief, dignity, safety and most of all, healing.

We look forward to supporting you and your patients.