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Elasto-Gel™ Face Mask Dressing


FM7500 Elasto-Gel™ Face Mask Dressing

Packaging: 2 each gel face masks and covers per box

General Description

Clinical experiences indicate that application of a cooled dressing after facial or laser surgery helps reduce thermal inertia and results in less tissue damage. Similar results have been reported for thermal burns and radiation burns

Cutting the dressing is easier if the clear release film is kept in place. We suggest that cutting and shaping be completed as much as possible before applying the dressing to the patient.

Directions For Use

1.  Remove the Elasto-Gel™ Face Dressing from the pouch.

2.  Peel the top clear release film off of the Elasto-Gel™ dressing.

3.  Gently place the Elasto-Gel™ Face Dressing on the face and remove the second release film.

4.  Align the mouth, eyes, and nose openings. Take special care to ensure eyelash freedom.

5.  Remove the white cloth cover from the package and place it over the Elasto-Gel™ Face Dressing then secure with tie straps.

6.  The first dressing change should occur after 8 to 24 hours. Apply the second dressing by using techniques similar to the first application. This second dressing may remain in place 2 to 3 days. Use a third dressing if necessary.

7.  Additional dressings may be required for deeper resurfacing or surgical procedures.

8.  After wound care closure, applying moisturizing agents may improve comfort and the healing outcome. We recommend Stimulen™ Moisturizing Lotion.

1. Edema is a natural consequence of any type of facial resurfacing.
2. Excessive swelling around the mouth and eyes can occur. The patient should be instructed to lie down every three to four hours and rest for thirty minutes before returning to normal routine.
3. Some itching two to three days after application is normal
4. Do not get the dressing wet.
5. Avoid wearing the dressing in the shower
6. Consult a physician if signs of infection occur — redness, excessive swelling, fever, etc.

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